ANTARIKA is a holistic mind-body-breath treatment for wellness, creativity and stress relief. A combination of mindfulness practices, restorative movement, conscious breathing techniques, multisensorial stimulation, spontaneous movement exploration, it helps improve emotional, mental and physiological wellbeing.

Nirmala Seshadri in Antarika

Why practise ANTARIKA?

Scientific research reveals that mind-body practices can help to protect against stress, anxiety, depression, illness and pain, improve work performance and social relationships as well as expand the capacity to experience positive emotion

ANTARIKA, with its conscious and breath-focussed movements, seeks to increase the parasympathetic relaxation response thus reducing stress.

Such movements help heighten immune function to stimulate healing.

While carrying the potential to strengthen neural connections and memory, ANTARIKA also helps in forging new neural pathways and possibilities for progress and transformation.

Clients have been experiencing strongly positive outcomes from ANTARIKA 

practice that include:

  •  enhanced breathing

  • improved sleep patterns

  • heightened energy levels

  • improved concentration

  • reduced stress and anxiety levels

  • sense of peace, calm and relaxation

  • greater self-awareness and self-acceptance

  • enhanced core strength, stamina and flexibility

  • increased ability to manage anger & depression

  • improved interactions with others – at home and wor

Who can practise ANTARIKA?

ANTARIKA is for everyone. No prior mindfulness or movement training is required.