ANTARIKA® - Self Expression

Do you sometimes feel a disconnect with your inner core? How about giving yourself a moment just to calm the body-mind, introspect and listen within? Would you like to gain focus and move into clear and authentic expression?

Come and experience Nirmala’s experiential, pedagogical and breath-centric approach to movement and abhinaya, the Indian art of expression.

Artist: Nirmala Seshadri, Photo Credit: Khek Ah Hock

Artist: Nirmala Seshadri, Photo Credit: Khek Ah Hock

Nirmala’s approach nurtures attention to breath, an increased awareness of the body as well as its total absorption in the present moment. It facilitates the entry into deeper states of introspection, internalisation and focus, thus enhancing communication and expression.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn techniques of breath and conscious movement, aimed at preparing the body and mind for clear expression

  • Be introduced to meditative exercises that enhance stillness and heightened awareness of the self and surroundings

  • Be guided to relate to poetry, music, and ideas

  • Engage in exercises that facilitate confident portrayals

  • Enjoy artistic conversations with the presenter over masala chai and samosas!