"You provide a safe space and leeway in that space, to explore and express ourselves. You encourage, inspire and bring out the best in us. Your body language shows a woman who is at ease and comfortable with herself. You allow us to relax with you…ANTARIKA to me is like a flower. My life is fine, but my life is better with the flowers. That’s what ANTARIKA is about”  

“ANTARIKA has made me love my body more! I look forward to every session after a tiring day at work"

 “ANTARIKA enabled an inward journey. It  relieved stress and anxiety, providing  a detached and non-judgmental perception of emotions and feelings"

 "I learnt to relax all parts of my body. The breathing techniques were very useful too"

 "I found the sessions very relaxing. I now sleep well at nights and feel great"

"This is my first time trying out this programme. I feel very good and relaxed. It is very good for de-stressing"

 "I am very satisfied with the programme. I am feeling more relaxed and less stressed. The experience was fantastic!"



“The mind becomes clearer and more focused. Breathing mindfully makes it easier to get out of the “blues”, relieving stress and easing anxiety. It slows down everything in and around me. The body becomes lighter and more flexible, with fewer aches and pains. There is a greater awareness of the body and realisation that it does have a will of its own and that we should pay attention to it”   

 “There is a lot of focus on the inward journey and learning to see things from different perspectives, in unexpected ways. I have always wanted my yoga practice to challenge me and push me further but in subtle ways, and ANTARIKA does that. It also encourages creative movement, and in a world where we can often be weighed down by routine and repetition, my weekly sessions are a space to put all that aside and  just be”                                                                     

“The perfect connection between physical movement, emotions and consciousness. It is pure self-expression, discovering the real you. I felt I was letting myself go and from another perspective observing this self that I let go. Very interesting in terms of self-analysis and development. My feeling after the session … I felt in balance, really myself. Thank you for this beautiful session and for opening this door for me”